Welcome to the cave

The Crypto Cavemen Club is an exclusive NFT community comprised of the world's most prehistoric generation of humans. Not seen for over 10,000 years, these Cavemen have been slowly thawing out in the arctic due to the warming climate, and were just discovered by archeologists roaming around the metaverse. Little do they know, they're just in time for Solana Summer!

Available to the public for the first time ever, these Crypto Cavemen were beautifully crafted to represent the evolution of the human species.

Discover the CAVE token

This is the first time a caveman touched something valuable! Here are some ways the in-game currency will have utility:

  • In-Game Crafting

    Spending $CAVE in game will be the only way to access gear progress in the game! Want a new Axe? How about a bow? You will need cave coins.
  • In-Game Marketplace

    In-game consumables like weapons, potions, food and of course PETS! These will be only available to be purchased with $CAVE within the in-game marketplace.
  • Seasonal Chestboxes

    Future seasonal chest and passes will be exclusively bought through $CAVE. (Details to be announced)
  • Cave Real Estate

    All Real Estate purchases and transactions and In-game tax will be paid through Cave Coin. (Details to be announced)
  • Staking

    To be announced staking platform! All of this info is more detailed in our whitepaper and much more!

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Crypto Cavemen Club has one of the most welcoming and liveliest communities in all of Solana ecosystem. Be a part of our community by joining our Discord server or following us on Twitter.

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