Cave Token Airdrop

This is the first time a caveman touched something valuable! Before we go out spending all our cave coins here are some our future plans for the ingame currency:

  • In-Game Crafting

    Spending $CAVE in game will be the only way to access gear progress in the game! Want a new Axe? How about a bow? You will need cave coins.
  • In-Game Marketplace

    In-game consumables like weapons, potions, food and of course PETS! These will be only available to be purchased with $CAVE within the in-game marketplace.
  • Seasonal Chestboxes

    Future seasonal chest and passes will be exclusively bought through $CAVE. (Details to be announced)
  • Cave Real Estate

    All Real Estate purchases and transactions and In-game tax will be paid through Cave Coin. (Details to be announced)
  • Staking

    To be announced staking platform! All of this info is more detailed in our whitepaper and much more!

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